Analysis of options for the creation of safety-related traffic information based on vehicle-generated data

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This report documents the concept, evaluation and results of the evaluation project aimed at identifying promising approaches to process vehicle-generated safety relevant traffic data. In particular, an interview-based approach was chosen to gain expert insights from the members of the “EU Data Task Force - Data for Road Safety” project as well as from German stakeholders. The first phase of the research project aimed at developing solution options for the processing of vehicle-generated data – starting at the access of vehicle data at OEM backends and ending with the provision of traffic information to service providers – for Germany, based on insights from DTF members. Additionally, in order to evaluate different solution options for the processing chain, relevant evaluation criteria were identified via input from road authorities, “Landesmeldestellen” and broadcasting services. In the evaluation phase of the project, solution options were scored in detail along the extensive list of evaluation criteria, considering utility, technology, organisation and cost aspects . To consider different strategic positions, four scenarios, spanning the dimensions investment and time-to-implementation, were defined. Each scenario influences the overall scoring through individualised weights effectively assigned to each criterion. In addition to the evaluation of merits, potential risks were identified and quantified in terms of impact and probability for the different solution options. Finally, the total scores of the solution options were compared and weighed against their potential risks to identify high-scoring and thus promising solution options. The highest rated solutions were analysed in detail regarding their strengths and weaknesses in each scenario and put into the context of strategic decisions.
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Autor Max Margalith, Thorsten Sickenberger, Oliver Wohak
ISBN ISBN 978-3-95606-699-3
Erscheinungsdatum 27.07.2022
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
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