Annual Report 2019 - Reports of the Federal Highway Research Institute

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BASt A 42

Good transport policy needs a solid, science-based basis in the decision-making process. For a state system guided by the principles of foresight and safety, it is essential to have an understanding of the application and impact of modern technologies, the changes in mobility and road safety, the environment, energy and climate action. With its research, BASt performs an important bridging function between politics on the one hand and science on the other. In the past research year, about 200 BASt scientists completed roughly 300 projects to make scientifically sound decision support available for transport policy issues and technical issues. One third of these projects were sub-contracted to universities and other scientific institutions, sometimes with considerable supervision by BASt; two thirds were in-house projects. These projects ranged from answering ad-hoc questions from the parliamentary sphere to completing multi-year projects funded by the government. With this annual report, we want to familiarise you with a selection of 32 projects from our cross-departmental research activities – and of course the people who were involved. BASt’s research addresses the societal, technological and economic aspects of important challenges on a yearly basis. One perennial issue: young drivers. For years, the number of fatalities has been decreasing. In young adults aged 18 to 24, the total of ca. 350 persons killed in 2019 marks the lowest rate ever achieved for this age group. But we are convinced that we must be able to top even this success. We want to lower young drivers’ risk of being involved in accidents; to that end, we are willing to use unconventional means. We present these to you in our annual report. Machines are considered the better drivers. This aspect is also comprised in our road-safety activities. In the report, you will also find a diverse selection of our on-going research activities: ranging from parking for trucks, bicycle highways to digitisation in bridge and road constructions. As a federal research institute – together with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, in close alliance with the federal government’s Autobahn GmbH and the Federal Trunk Road Authority – we are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the future optimistically and with motivation. I wish you an inspiring read. Stefan Strick, President of BASt

A - 42

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